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A New World Essay

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The relations between the English colonists and the Native and African American people were better in the North than in the South. This difference can be seen in Documents B, C, E, and F.

Documents B and C show the difference in the treatment the Native Americans. Document B describes how Squanto acts as interpreter for the English. The English view him as, "a special instrument sent from God." The northern colonists were more friendly to the natives. They did not treat them as horribly as they did in the southern colonies. Document C, on the other hand, shows the relationship between the Native Americans and the Southern colonists. It explains Opechcanough's attack on the settlers. It states that the settlers wished to, "invade the country, and destroy them who sought to destroy us; whereby we shall enjoy their cultivated planes." The settlers from this point on felt as though they deserved the land of the Natives. Through these two documents one can see the difference between the North and South's relations with Native Americans.

The difference in relations between settlers and African Americans can be seen in Documents E and F. Document E shoes the relations between the Northern settlers and African Americans. It describes how a slave is treated in Massachusetts. They master wanted to breed African American slaves, but a particular slave would not submit to the master's wishes. The slaves in the North were not subjected to the same level of work as the slaves in the South were. This was mainly due to the fact that the South had plantations that required a huge work force, while the North did not. The treatment of the African American slaves in the South can be seen in Document F. This document is an excerpt of the Virginia Slave Laws; it explains how the decision about if a child is free or a slave if they are born to mixed race parents. It states, "all children born in [America] shall be held bond or free only according to the conditions of the mother." It also states that no Christian shall have intimate relations with an African American. These laws were very strictly enforced in these times. Slaves were also very frightened by their slave masters, who would beat them and worse. Documents E and F show the difference between the treatment of slave in the North and South.

The relations between the Northern colonists and their Native and African American counterpart were better than the Southern colonists.



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