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Admission Essay

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Admission Essay

Travelling to many places in quest for knowledge and adventure in the face of challenging environment has always enticed me. Right from childhood, I imagined myself as a very independent and successful business man with undisputed wealth of knowledge. I figured myself holding business meetings with my fellow renowned successful individuals. Oblivious of my dreams, leaving my home country away from friends and family was just a stepping stone to make my dream a reality.

 Catalyzed by the need to tap the potential business opportunities inherent in my home country, I have known for sure pursuing courses related to business is the right path for me. Hopefully, the skills I wish to acquire will play a significant role towards the society by contributing positively to the demands of the economy. I do not only want to use my skills for my personal interests, but also to impact positively on the entire community.

Since the very first day I joined school as a toddler, I knew right from the beginning what I wanted to be. Likewise, my teachers were impressed by the natural thirst of knowledge that I showed right from primary school. I knew right away that I was adventurous in nature and an individual with a great passion in education. Similarly, I loved knowing new things especially that affected the development of my country and other current affairs that had an impact on the entire country.

I successfully completed my primary and high school education and secured myself a position in King Abdulaziz University where I pursued a degree course in home economics and art education. With this kind of education and my aggressiveness in career development, I can easily secure a good job in many organizations. This is not enough for me though. I aim higher than that and my quest for education could not let me stop there. In fact, am not stopping till I get a doctorate degree which, I believe is crucial in my pursuance of my dreams. Honestly, the more I think of pursuing a master’s degree, the more I realize how close I am to my dreams,

I have actively engaged myself in many professional activities and courses. Being a hardworking individual with high ambitions, I do not believe in idleness. When out of school, I have attended several seminars and done some courses to supplement my experiences. These includes ICDL course, MS office programs amongst others. Similarly, I have attended many seminars and trainings that I must say, have served to empower me. I have also been an active participant in summer jobs that have helped me to greatly sharpen my experiences in the real world.

When I learnt about the entrepreneurship courses offered in the University of South Florida, I knew this is where I want to be. This is because this reputable university offers quality education especially in the area I want to pursue.  I believe it will cultivate and nurture my capabilities through the wide range of experiences offered in the university. It will be a great honor to acquire a position in your institution and be part of the university. I view my life at this university as a great opportunity to further my education and achieve my life goals. I also believe that I will bring a positive impact to the institution through my innovations and acquired skills.



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