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Aeropostale Marketing Case

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If anybody is like me, they love to shop. Many companies make it so easy to purchase their products not just in the store but online as well. Aeropostale is truly a customer focused organization (CH 1, Pg 7). I have learned to make my dollar really stretch when it comes to shopping by discovering online deals that are never in-store. Two months ago was the last time that I purchased clothing through them when they had these spectacular sales. When Aeropostale decided to become a member of the E-commerce (Ch 1, Pg 23) community by making their products available for purchase online, they went in a good direction by expanding their products and clientele base in other countries or cities where Aeropostale stores may not exists.

Besides the great on-line deals, whenever I visit a store here locally, I am always greeted with smiling faces and a helping hand if one is needed. Their service culture (Ch 2, Pg 42) is another great reason other than their products that keeps bringing me back. When entering other stores, you have to chase a sales associate down just to get some assistance when deciding on an item to purchase. Most of the time, they are not familiar with the product and going through the hassle of flagging them down was useless. Aeropostale not only offers in-store assistance in a great manner but whenever there is an issue with an online purchase, it is very easy to get ahold of a friendly customer service representative to assist with questions or exchanges by taking advantage of their service delivery system ( Ch 2, Pg.60). Aeropostale like many other companies have call centers that are reachable by phone or on-line chat support when needed. I had to utilize these services on my last purchase due to a shipping error made in the company. While that little error of whomever packaged my order had somewhat of a negative impact on my experience, it didn't deter me from Aeropostale, I had full confidence in them to make it right.

Back in July, I was browsing their website and they had a coupon I could use online for an additional 25% off on clearance items. I always tend to purchase for the next season ahead in their clearance department before they roll out the new season trends. I really adore their polo shirts and you could buy each one with the coupon for six bucks. What a deal! Due to the shirts shrinking upon drying them, I always buy a size up from my normal size. I got really eager for my package to arrive so I took advantage of a channel (Ch 3,Pg83) the company provides by calling them to track it. The woman I got on the telephone was very polite and thoroughly understood my excitement. She too loves Aeropostale clothing and also works for them. I really don't think life could get any better than that! She explained that with processing the order, sending it off via UPS, and the actual handling time would vary when it would arrive. She also provided



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