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Marketing Case

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1. The case study is in the fleet management services industry. Thus a clear services environment and the focus of the company is on marketing their fleet management services to other businesses. So your answer should also reflect that.

2. The first question deals with the marketing environments and how it could influence the future of the case study organisation. Now you already know that this organisation is in the fleet management services industry, So try to be as practical as possible about the POSSIBLE influences from the different environments. Use the textbook as the guidelines to discuss the environmental factors. That will be the macro environmental factors and the micro environmental factors. The questions counts 30 marks.

3. The next question is about doing market research. Use the research process in the textbook once again for guiding your answer. (Defining the research problem, etc). Remember that this organisation operates in the business environment. You answer will thus reflect how you will practically do the research in the business arena. NOT IN THE CONSUMER MARKET. This question also counts 30 marks.

4. The last question (25 marks) asks you to discuss the marketing elements that need to be addressed in a marketing strategy. The elements are the traditional 4 P's of marketing plus the People and Process elements that come with a services organisation. This question counts 25 marks.

5. The total exam has 3 questions that adds up to 85 marks. Hopefully you will use these guidelines to prepare well for the exam.

Please note that I can not discuss "model answers" with any student before the time. Please use these guidelines to demarcate the theory that you should go through before the exam. From my exam tips I hope it is clear that you must look at the chapters that deals with marketing environments, information management with a specific emphasis on the research process and then the marketing elements.



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