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American Imperialism Reasons

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Essay Preview: American Imperialism Reasons

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Due to the thirst for new markets, American imperialism became apparent through the late 19th century as well as the early 20th to benefit our social, economic and military standpoints. Our country was only trying to better itself, therefore they were just in the decisions made. The social standpoint included signing treaties with countries such as Japan to ensure a friendship. The economic benefits were everlasting with all of the countries they negotiated with to trade and expand the U.S. Military expansion was apparent as well by setting up military and naval bases and letting it be known that America is not to be reckoned with.

During the late 1800s and the early 1900s, America was still in the process of developing and making a name for itself. Therefore, the United States issued documents such as the Monroe Doctrine, which entitled the United States to the western hemisphere and if Europe was to attack it, they would be attacking us. This, in retrospect, helped to expand America. As for the western hemisphere they were even interested in doing business with us. The Pan-American Conference was the first time all of the western hemisphere came together, and although America did not get the result it was hoping for, it shows an attempt to work together and help each other out. Japan was another country America negotiated with, and the end result ended up being a treaty declaring friendship between the two countries. As for expansion, Alaska was purchased from Russia in 1867 and Hawaii as well as a part of Samoa were annexed and became a part of the United States. Christianity went through expansion as well, spreading all around the globe and setting up missionaries to recruit more followers.

As for most countries including America, money is always an issue. Trade seemed to be the answer. The more countries we had the opportunity to trade with, the more options we had to buy from and sell our goods to, which would give us the opportunity to save money as well as make the most of it. After purchasing Alaska for $7.2 million, it was found that the area was rich with resources including lumber, gold, copper, oil and natural gas. Japan and China opened trade with us, enhancing our horizon. As for Hawaii, America lifted the tariff on trade because their sugar export was so important to us, but when congress passed the McKinley Tariff of 1890, the agreement was no longer in affect. Hawaii suffered greatly and the only was to relieve their suffering was to give themselves up for annexation by America.

America needed to acquire militial strength if they were going to survive in this world. They started building, with permission of course, a naval base at Pearl Harbor as well as a military base in Pago Pago. Japan had the strongest navy in the pacific and if America wanted to compete with them, they would have to step their game up. The Naval Act of 1900 authorized the construction of battleships that would be clearly offensive



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