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Ap Technologies Case

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 The organizations sales revenues and net profit indicate that the organization in a Large scale company.

 The increase in repeat business from the existing customers could help in substantial growth in profitability.

 The case indicates that the project manager L. Balaji is next to the vice president in the hirarachy level and the case indicates that span of control of Balaji is high.

 The important activities included in the project execution are ERP, managing of people, requirements, quality, schedule and risk.

 Only 25 per cent of the software services projects were completed within 20 per cent of the planned costs and schedule.

 There was an utter dismay in the completion of the project. As nature of business is B2B the delay in schedules by AP technologies would lead to the delay in schedules of the client.

Main issue:

The main problem in the case of AP Technologies Ltd is that the only 25 per cent of the software service projects were completed within 20 percent of planned costs and schedule, where as the project is expected to be completed within 20 per cent of planned cost and schedules.

Where as the short term issue that was mentioned in the case is regarding the delay in the completion of the project to a client.


The micro issue the company has been facing is an important situation and which needs an immediate attention as it may lead to decrease in goodwill of the company among the other client groups also. It would also effect the profitability of the business as the un addressed current issue may lead to delay in schedules of other projects, which intern leads to dissatisfaction of the clients. Inability of the company to make the client to repeat the business would lead to the decrease in the profitability of the company.

The controllable variables in the project execution are the people, quality, requirements and schedules and the uncontrollable variables is the performance of the technology ERP.

The parties interested in the issue would be the company which includes project teams and the top management, client and the competitors of AP technologies Ltd up to a certain extent.

Alternative solutions:

1. To outsource few of the activities carried out by AP technologies currently. This helps in attaining expertise in completion of the projects with much efficient schedules and also can be helpful to decrease their fixed costs on the number of employees. This strategy also leads to decrease in the span of control of the top management. The decrease in the span of control leads to attain effective



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