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Technology Case

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Technology is everywhere you turn it comes in many shapes and forms. In order to just maintain a normal day-to-day lifestyle you are bound to use some form of it. As I begin to look around my house I tried to see what I could or could not live without. I seen several forms of technology but couldn't make a decision on just one thing that I needed to maintain my lifestyle.

There were things that we use on a daily basis some that we haven't touched since the first week we bought it. For instance, I looked at the Rice Cooker, now we use this all the time it's quick and easy to use. On a weekly basis we go through about a 5lb. Bag of rice (breakfast, lunch and dinner). This has become a major cooking source in my home. There are other forms of technology within my home that are in majority of all homes today. Like Televisions, Stereos, VCR's, DVD Players, George Foreman Grills, Food Processors, Washing Machine, Dryer, Video Game, Computers, Web Cameras and Projector. Not saying that everyone has the same identical items but it's nearly the same.

I've decided to narrow it down to my computer as being the form of technology that I can't live with out, it is used for business as well as pleasure. My home phone is one in which I can live with out. Both forms are used in majority of all homes around the world. There is a form of Technology that isn't in my home but someday I want I to own. I want a Fire Place so that I could burn firewood to heat up my home.

I personally know that I can't live without my computer due to me being self- employed. My computer is used to handle all my business. I need this form of technology because it helps me keep track of my inventory supply, as well as place and take orders. My order forms, invitations, and business cards are all created on the computer.

Pleasure comes when I am able to use the computer to surf the Internet or to chat online with distance relatives. Along with this process I am able to use the web camera as if we were sitting right next to one another. I haven't bought greeting cards for a couple of years I just create one on the computer.

The reason I choose this to be my form of technology that I can't live with out because I can do so much with it. Computer can act as a telephone as long as that person(s) you want to contact have a computer also. You can get a letter to someone that is thousands of miles away in just minutes via email.

The computer has been around for some time it's not to many people who knows that the first computer called an Abacus was built about 5000 years ago in Asia Minor and is still used today. The abacus is a mechanical aid used for counting. This is a machine that a person uses to keep track of sums they have calculated in their heads. Many Merchants used it as a way to count their good they sold and bought. They also use it to calculate the cost of the goods they purchased or sold. This was one of the counting devices that were used until numbers were invented.

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Even though the development of computers started many years ago advancements are still being made today. With this occurring this form of technology will always be one of the most used



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