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Arlington Projects

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Through my days in Arlington Projects I found one person I often confided in Rian was truly my bestfriend. We had watched his mother overdose on heroin at the kitchen table on the day of his sixteenth birthday, he snuck in my window on the nights my mother had verbal attacked me to the point when I didn't want to be around anybody but him, I had saw his eldest brother get gunned down in broad daylight all in all he still remained strong which is why he was somewhat like my little superstar. Anybody else would have given up on life with so many setbacks but he went on to get his degree in Business Management from Alabama A & M and opened up a chain of barbershops along the cost of Maryland and even one in DC. I one the other hand took the long road and made my way into the streets and this is my story...

My name is Honesty Edwards and I'm ashamed to say I don't live up to my name at all I had learned to scheme, trick, and manipulated my way through the game. I'm a hustler all day every day I get it by all means necessary! It's do or die out here in Baltimore baby, nobody is nice and a pretty face ain't gone get you shit but knocked up and broke because around here it's everybody for self. I lost my son at seventeen years old, yes I foolishly got knocked up by the neighborhoods biggest dope boy the state came in and took him right from up under me. Out of everybody in the world all I had was my son Diamond, he was my world and I would do any and everything for him. I named him Diamond because I knew he would be something great he definitely wasn't going to be a junior because his father wasn't shit! This was part of the reason he got taken away from me. I got labeled as an unfit parent because I was stripping at the age of seventeen apparently that is against the law. Since when was it wrong to want to provide for your son when you don't have a college degree? The only person who knew that I used a fake I.D. to strip was Mel, no good motherfucker! I expected him as my sons father to do a little bit more than he did but me being the person I am I would be damned if I let Diamond starve as long as I had breath in my body and that's the way it had always been.



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