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Bsa 375 - Service Request Sr-Rm-022

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Service Request SR-rm-022


December 8, 2014

Tiejun Zhang

Service Request SR-rm-022

        Hugh McCauley, the COO of Riordan Manufacturing, has put a request in take advantage of a more sophisticated, state of the art information systems technology within the human resources department so that they may be able to integrate the existing variety of HR tools into a single application and therefore be more useful to the company, and be able to distribute information as necessary to its subsidiary companies. (Apollo Group 2011)

        The outline and details of this paper will suggest the information gathering techniques as well as a planned design of the system to include security measures, and key stakeholders in the business and system.  Among other things discussed are the key factors required for the project, scope, and feasibility.

        The project has a deadline of six months from initial request to completed system so that it may be utilized by the second quarter of the following year.

Information gathering techniques and systems analysis

        Information about the new system will be derived from key stakeholders within the company, such as the COO, Hugh McCauley, human resources personnel, and end users of the HR system currently in use such as managers since they will have an extensive knowledge of the current system.  I will setup and conduct interviews with these key persons and take notes of what the system is currently doing and what they would like it to do in the future with the advent of the new system.  I will also setup Joint Application Design (JAD) sessions with the information technology department to further investigate from those experts in their respective fields so that I may better understand what the system will need in order to maintain effectiveness within your current software and hardware arrangements or if a new or updated hardware/software architecture is needed to facilitate the needs of the requirements.  

Key Factors

        The inclusion of all persons relevant to the new system will be a large factor in determining what the needs of the new system are to be and if it will be successful.  This will help facilitate the use of the new system because it will take information from those key people that are going to be using it (end users), and help in the design process of the new system.  If we include those persons, you will have a high rate of efficiency in using the system due to the fact that it will be based on information gathered from those people who use your current system now.  

Project Scope

        “Organizations only have limited resources at their disposal and one of the greatest management challenges is using those resources in the best way possible.”(Jones, 2007)

I will design a system that will employ your current needs and the needs that may come up in the future with the best possible use of resources that you currently have.  

Riordan Manufacturing is looking to integrate their current human resources systems into a more sophisticated and up to date information technology process where all tools and needs are met in one system.  This system will be setup at the corporate headquarters as well as the subsidiary locations and facilitate the use of needed information to relative personnel.  This is important due to the fact that the human resources department is using an existing system that could possibly leak information due to possible security issues.  The new system will be up to date and use data encryption methods so that sensitive information is not put into the wrong hands and is only accessible by human resource, and management personnel.



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