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Riordan Service Request

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Service Request

Riordan Manufacturing is in the market to upgrade the software for their Human resources department. The system currently in use is no longer viable and does not meet the requirements for the company that has offices across the world. Hugh McCauley, the COO (Chief Operating Officer), of Riordan Manufacturing requires a new information system that will streamline the operations of the human resource department.

In the process of determining what software best suited for the company it is suggested that the key stakeholders of Riordan Manufacturing be involved in the process of the selection of the new information system. The following people, that are stakeholders, should be made available to make the decisions.


CEO and president -The "Riordan Manufacturing" (2013) website states that Dr. Riordan determines and formulates policies and business strategies and provides overall direction of private sector organizations. Plan, direct, and coordinate operational activities at the highest level of management with the help of subordinate managers.

COO - Hugh McCauley, According to "Riordan Manufacturing" (2013), "Mr. McCauley directs, administers, and coordinates the activities of the organization in support of policies, goals, and objectives established."

Director of Human Resources - Yvonne McMillan develops policy and directs and coordinates human resources activities, including employment, compensation, labor relations, benefits, training and employee services (Riordan Manufacturing, 2013).

Director of Account and Finance - The "Riordan Manufacturing" (2013) website states that Donald Bryson is responsible for directing financial activities of the organization.

Chief Financial Officer - According to "Riordan Manufacturing" (2013), "Dale Edgel directs the accounting, finance, and Human Resources functions toward achievement of the company's key results while upholding company values."

Chief Information Officer - Maria Trinh develops strategy for information systems department based on long-term corporate goals (Riordan Manufacturing, 2013).

Chief Legal Counsel - The "Riordan Manufacturing" (2013) website states that Lowell Bradford advises the corporation concerning legal rights, obligations, and privileges. Riordan Manufacturing needs to keep the legal counsel aware of any changes made to the information system so that they can be sure that Riordan Manufacturing is in accordance with the law.

Company Employees - Company employees need to be questioned and surveyed so that they can give any input regarding changes they want to see in the new HRIS (Human Resources Information System). General laborers all the way up to the President of the company, to include anyone in between, need to be made available for this process.

Gathering of Information

Information needs to be collected to determine what is required of the new HRIS. One way to get this type of information is to collect documentation of relevant information used on the current system. More important than these documents is the collection of information in the form of surveys and questioning of employees who use the current system directly or indirectly. Discovering how employees use the current system and how to improve on it to help streamline their job will be a major factor in what is needed in the new information system (Valacich, George, & Hoffer,



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