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Requesting Questions for Services

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Essay Preview: Requesting Questions for Services

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TO: Professional Payroll Services<>

From: Xxx Xxx<>

Date: October 17, 2011

Subject: Requesting Questions for Services

Dear Professional Payroll Services,

Our company is looking for a good payroll company. Now we hope to corporate with your company. In order to have a successful corporation, we appreciate your responses to these questions as below:

1. Service content. What's covered by your service? Include file taxes or handle benefit? What kind of customer service or support do you offer if anything goes wrong?

2. Service fee. How much does your company cost for providing payroll service?

3. Contact. How and when our company sends you payroll information for each period?

As the website mentioned, here is the background information of our company:

 14% more regular staff last year

 10 temporary staff for busy season

 28 regular employees now, including 22 full-time and 6 part-time.

We are looking forward to your response by next Monday; please contact me during work time.


Xxx Xxx

Accounting Assistant

Earth bike Company

TO: Xxx Xxx<>

From: Associate Accountant<>

Date: October 17, 2011

Subject: Reply Questions for Services

Attached: Prospective Client Brochure;

Dear Mr. /Ms. Xxx,

Thank you for your interest in our company. It is my pleasure to answer your questions. Here are some specific answers for your questions:

1. Service: We have professional payroll services including file taxes, handle benefit and others. If something wrong in process, we will have specific staff to deal with.

2. Payment: Based on company size, we have different standards.

3. Deliver: Every month we have constant staff to pick up customers' payroll information.

If you want to know the detail information, you can see the prospective client brochure attached the email. This brochure make you understand our service completely and benefit you for service.

We also look



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