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Calcasieu Parish School Board Main office

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Essay Preview: Calcasieu Parish School Board Main office

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Emt task 3


Calcasieu Parish School Board Main Office

3310 Broad St., Lake Charles, LA 70615

● Phone: 337.217.4000 ● Fax: 337.217.4001

Deb Guidry Human Resource secretary

Hours: 8:30am-4:30pm

Mission Statement: Provide a quality education for all students

1. I choose the calcasieu parish school board because it provides programs and services to families

with toddlers and young children. In the vision statement it states, "All children are important to us."

2. The staff greeted me and were friendly and very helpful. They assisted me with my inquires in a

very professional manner.

3. Deb Guidry the human resource secretary provided me with the list of services band activities the

school board offer including child warfare and attendance, career services, early childhood education,

elementary, middle and high school, federal programs, new teacher academy, grant department media

center, nursing, personnel, payroll, grant dept, library services, maintenance, risk management, sales

tax, accounts payable, and special services. She also shared the focus area and goals are high academic

achievement, stakeholder satisfaction, safe, productive environment, Operational efficiency, Core

Values, Visionary leadership, Effective communication, continuous improvement, respect for all, and

High expectations.

4. The calasieu has abundant amount of support to accommodate visitors with special needs. They

have handicap parking and automatic doors. The building has two elevators and plenty of ramps. A

handicap restroom is near the entrance and easy to access.

5. There is a near by bus station in the front of the parking lot that provides public transportation to the


6. This site serves the population of calcasieu parish. The school board serves teachers, students, and

families with young children.


1. This was a positive experience because it gave me some incite to my upcoming journey in my




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