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Careem Car Service Application

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Careem is a car service application that allows people in Jordan, UAE, Lebanon and many other countries in the Middle East to book cars with the touch of a button.  This is an ideal application for students, who are the customers Careem really wish to draw in, as we have discovered through an over the phone interview with marketing executive Hiba Ghaben.

Careem is the perfect app for Jordanians; it is a safe way to get around and makes you feel as if you are in your own car.  The economy car allows you to ride in the car anywhere you desire, until you reach your destination of if you’re simply done wandering!  The sawa car allows you to book your seat in the car, having to input your drop off location and then you share the car with anyone going in your same general direction.  The Van allows you to book, well, a van.

Safety is a big priority in careem and not everyone can be a ‘Captain’.  Through an interview process following an application to work for as a driver, you are only approved only if you are: respectable, well mannered, and ‘Careem’ (generous in Arabic).  The captain must have a car that must be a 2014 edition or younger, clean at all times and smoking free.  And through a feedback service available online anytime through twitter, facebook, or the website, and at the end of each ride, Careem HQ are constantly monitoring their captains through the happiness and feedback of the customers.



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