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Character Sketch - Captain Torres

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Essay Preview: Character Sketch - Captain Torres

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Character Sketch - Captain Torres

Captain Torres- Just Lather That's All : Character Sketch by a grade 10 student

Captain Torres, the antagonist of the short story “Just Lather, That’s All” by Hernando Téllez is a courageous, diligent and malfeasant character. To begin, Captain Torres is courageous. He’s the most notorious person in town, yet he appears in public without regard for his own safety - he’s an easy target for his an enemy's bullet. For instance, when Captain Torres said “[t]hey told me that you’d kill me. I came to find out.” he knew that the barber shop he entered was one’s of a rebel, yet he still risked his life and sat in the barber’s chair. In addition, Captain Torres is diligent. He risks his life everyday faithfully (yet cruelly) getting rid of the town’s enemies. Nevertheless, he has spent the last 4 days hunting down rebels (after his shave) he’ll execute them for the whole town to see. Lastly, Captain Torres is malfeasant. For example, when the barber said to himself “[...] who else would have thought of hanging the naked rebel and then holding target practice on their bodies?” he’s referring to Captain Torres’ sadistic behaviour towards the rebels. Furthermore, rather than just doing what he was hired to do and executing the rebels, in a respectful manner, he chooses to humiliate them even after they’ve passed away. In the final analysis, Captain Torres is a daring, industrious, and malfeasant young man. This character is from the short story Just Lather That's All by Hernando Tellez



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