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Character Trait of the Month

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Character Trait of the Month: Kindness....................... James Piper

Dictionary definition: Friendly feeling; willing to do good deeds for others.

1. I think kindness is when you are nice to EVERYONE. It doesn't matter who they are- even if they aren't kind to you; in order to demonstrate kindness, you need to be nice to them.

2. One time I demonstrated kindness was when I was 10 and in 5th grade. I saw a kid who everyone chose to hate that year and was nice to him. I talked to him a little and was his partner for projects a few times. It was a lot harder for the bullies to make fun of him when someone was there with him. I really made a difference in the kid's year by going against the grain and being nice to him. It was worth it, except for the fact that he wouldn't leave me alone!

3. Kindness is important in a lot of ways. One way is that person who is receiving kindness is positively affected; sometimes people need help but can't ask for it. That is where a kind person comes in. Another way is when the person giving kindness is affected. They are more likely to be liked, or given gifts that people who aren't kind.

4. "Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see." ~Mark Twain

-American author

-wrote Huckleberry Finn


My article is about the Frank family who was a Jewish family who went into hiding during WWII. Even though the article only briefly mentions two extraordinary act of kindness involving them, the acts are still notable. One act of kindness was the Frank allowing the van Pels to live with them in their secret Annex. The van Pels were a boisterous and annoying family. Even though the Franks would have completely benefited from not inviting them, they still did.

The other act of kindness was from Meip Gies. She was the person who gave food and other supplies to the Annex. She knew that the Nazis would kill her if they found out and that by doing this she would receive no gain, but she did it anyway.



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