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College Letter

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As I was growing up my family always told me life was about decisions. I never realized what that meant until I began middle school. I began to do some soul searching to find out about myself. I learned that I was far from perfect but still a beautiful , intelligent young lady. I began to make better choices so I could have a better future. I began to study and make better grades in school , and since then I haven't made anything lower than a C in any of my classes.

My name is Emanni Davis and I would love to be a Golden Panther at your school this upcoming fall season. Florida International University is my first choice college. I choose this college because I believe I'm a perfect fit for you guys. I always dreamed of moving to Miami as a child so this would be the perfect way for me to start off my adult life. I'm interested in becoming a doctor and I believe this is the perfect place to start off and make my dreams come true.

I'm a spunky , optimistic , adventurous person. Whose always ready for a challenge. I've learned that you should live life to the fullest because it isn't promised to you. I'm a very goal focused person that is willing to do just about anything to succeed in life. I strongly believe that hard work pays off and I've worked extremely hard over the years so that I could one reach every goal I've sat out to accomplish.

I believe that I will be a good attribute to FIU because I'm a determined , hard working , self-disciplined , confident , responsible , and courageous person. I believe your institution will help me better myself for my future plans in life. FIU has always been my dream college since I was a young girl because I wanted to go to college somewhere that was far from home but still in the same state just in case I get home sick. FIU is good college for me because I get to start my life fresh and new. This would give me the chance to meet new people and change things about myself.

I also believe I'm a good candidate for your college because I'm a star student. My GPA is a 3.5 and I'm a well rounded person. I've overcome a lot in my life. I've learned how to adapt in a difficult situation , because I've lived in many different environments. Overall I think im a good candidate for Florida International University because im an optimstic person whose ready to accomplish all of her life long goals.



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