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Communication Case

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Effective communication is an integral part of health care to ensure patient safety and quality of care. Nurses have opportunities to improve communication skill through interacting with patients, families and the health care team on a daily basis. When communicating with patients, nurses, physicians and other hospital staff it is good practice to to try to communicate clearly, concisely, and completely. Poor communication may sometimes lead to confusion and conflict. One should try to ensure that the person whom they are communicating with understands the information by providing feedback. Communication methods that are used daily are include written, oral, and non-verbal.

Written communication, when applied in an effective manner, it can provide a variety of advantages. It assists nurses in developing complete, organized information for hospitals, insurance companies, patients and families. Written communication provides a reference point as employers and employees work towards a common goal. For instance, hospitals benefit from the effective written communication including reports, charting, and assessment of the patient. As a nurse we use written communication everyday to work as well as to learn. When written communication is used in everyday practices it helps one to communicate effectively in a documented manner and it will always be there for future reference. According to Arnold and Boggs, a well- written document can protect from malpractice,legal issues, and provide protection in the future (Arnold & Boggs, 2011).

Body language is very important when communicating with people. Nonverbal cues such as eye contact and attitude are very important elements and can determine the outcome of a situation. When dealing with nonverbal cues one must remember the importance of not rolling your eyes ot taking breaths when listening to someone you do not agree with. It is not productive, and can make a situation worse. Many individuals don't realize that body language can actually be more effective, and insulting than words. When someone comes to you at the work to complain about something, it is a good idea

to stop what you are doing and give them direct eye contact and your undivided attention. If you do not look at them and are more engaged in other things, such as your computer or reading something, you are giving them nonverbal cues that you do not care about what they have to say to you. These actions can create feelings of mistrust and can shut down all communication. One should maintain poise and control of body language and ensure they are in congruence. Even in frustrating situations and especially when dealing with difficult patients and or staff. Avoid frowning, folding arms, or making gestures that may and can be taken as offensive. Active listening, sitting or standing at the same level with someone can make it easier to communicate with one another. With all the forms of communication, oral communication



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