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Interest in Criminal Justice

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Interest in Criminal Justice

The field of criminal justice has always been of interest to me. It began when I witnessed first hand how unfair the American Legal system can sometimes be. This topic of fairness as it relates to the field of criminal justice is something I have always wanted to look at more deeply. The American Legal system is a big and very complicated at times, system in which everyday Americans are subjected to obey. With that in mind, the criminal justice system more specifically, in my opinion is not flawless. It has its pros and cons which can vary from person to person and situation to situation. As I mentioned I have seen the complications of this system and have been inspired to take a much closer examination of it. When I found out Fisk is offering a course of this subject in such a deep caliber, I could not refuse the opportunity to take advantage. From the syllabus alone, I can already determine that this course will only help me to further understand the legal system that governs us. I like the fact that I will be getting a taste of criminal justice from both a prosecuting and defending point of view. Since choosing my major, I knew I wanted a future career in the legal or justice field. My plans for graduation will be to have a job secured in one of these fields and then later obtain a degree in law here in Tennessee. I am hoping to gain a lot of knowledge and understating of the topic of criminal justice in hopes that it will be of and advantage for me when I am ready to begin my career. I am very excited about the course and everything it has to offer, especially the exposure to the different environments which encompass the criminal justice system.



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