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Customer Service Policies

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Customer Service Policies

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Table of content

Introduction 1

Task 1: Understand customer service policies within business and services contexts 1

1.1 Discuss reasons for using customer service policies 1

* Vision 1

* Guidelines 2

* Accountability 2

* Image 2

1.2 Discuss the purpose of evaluating a customer service policy, indicating how this can assist future staff training and development. 2

Task 2 : Understand the purpose of promoting a customer focused culture 4

2.1 Evaluate different communication methods and how these are used to best effect 4

* Auditory communication 4

* Communication over the Telephone 4

* Respond to business email quickly 5

* Tangible communication 5

2.2 Analyze how customer perception is influenced by customer service provision 5

Task: 3 Be able to investigate customer requirements and expectations. 7

3.1 Assess sources of information on customer requirements and satisfaction levels 7

* Survey Customers 7

* Understand Expectations 7

* Identify Specifics 7

* Assess the Competition 8

3.2 Carry out research on customer requirements and satisfaction levels for a selected business, suggesting potential improvements 8

Task: 4 Be able to provide customer service within business and services contexts to meet required standards. 10

4.1 Deliver customer service in a business and service environment 10

4.2 Review own performance in the delivery of customer service and make recommendations for improvement. 11

Reference 14

Customer Service Policies


Customer service is the total of what a company does to meet expectations of customer and create customer satisfaction. As far as Hilton Hotel is concerned, it now offers communication proficiencies training courses for its teams of customer service that can cover up the whole thing from essential communication methods through to programmes for higher understanding skills (Hyman, 2010).

Task 1: Understand customer service policies within business and services contexts

1.1 Discuss reasons for using customer service policies

Organizations see customers as a peak priority as they are what make the demand for products and services. Observing customers as significant assists a business generate a viewpoint of customer-focused in which the attention of organization, actions, and opinions are core on delivering the top-quality service, products, as well as support (Stricker, 2006). To keep this approach, Hilton Hotel often prefers to make customer service policies which support and make its purposes and efforts.

* Vision

A customer service policy helps create Hilton Hotel's vision. As keeping customers and catering to an audience is significant for several industries, the customer service policy offers the road map to get its purposes as well as objectives (Hermon, 2009). It also generates expectations of performance from organization and managers on down to forefront customer service staff so that a whole culture of service of organization develops.

* Guidelines

A customer service policy gives responds to supervisors and staff who deal with customers on a daily basis. Making the policy controls the strategies and customer service plans that are set (Brown, 2005). Staff uses these guidelines and plans to perform essential job responsibilities which engage the customer, like satisfying orders, offering discounts, or even solving complaints and disagreements of customer. These guidelines generate constancy across Hilton Hotel as a whole.

* Accountability

Creating the customer service policy holds Hilton Hotel answerable for its actions and guarantees customers. The policy ensures that staff sticks to suitable customer service plans and practices. Hilton Hotel measures service activities which staff shows and/or the general level of customer satisfaction (Solomon, 2010). These measurements facilitate Hilton Hotel stay responsible to customer service and assist this organization improves its policies of service, staff training programs, and other practices as required.

* Image

To maintain a customer service policy helps establish image of Hilton Hotel in the minds and views of customers. Organizations frequently incorporate segments of the policy into the whole mission statement of company that is then available and perceived by customers (Dall, 2004). Also, when customers have an optimistic experience with Hilton Hotel, its image about customer service is reinforced.

1.2 Discuss the purpose of evaluating a customer service policy, indicating how this can assist future staff training and development.

Evaluation of customer service is a process of realizing which services given by the organization have been appreciated the least as well as most by its customers. It helps too to decide the level of satisfaction which the customers get from the services provided. Evaluation of customer service helps Hilton Hotel in assigning its resources more competently and enables it to get better the services it is giving to its customers, whereas meeting its definite necessities (Dall, 2004). Some organizations plan to care for their customers better, making sure that the customer is at



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