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Delivering Quality Service

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Essay Preview: Delivering Quality Service

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Delivering Quality Service

Pete Irizarry

DeVry University

Setting the Standards

People measure the standards of a restaurant by the quality of food, service and atmosphere. I don't dine out much but when I do I like steak and I like them cooked medium something my wife frowns at but I like it that way. One of my favorite places to eat is Red Lobster you can never go wrong when they have Shrimp Fest. The service is always friendly the restaurant is clean and the atmosphere is always pleasant I have never had a bad experience there, nor have I ever waited a long time to be served as they use the first in first out method.

I'm not a food critic but the food at Red Lobster is great not to mention affordable they make quality food at affordable prices especially with the economy the way it is today it helps to be able to take my wife out to a place we both like and just have a good sit down meal something we rarely get to do. When Red Lobster has lobster fest it is at its busiest all you can eat shrimp definitely brings a crowd's the that is when the service is also at its best the staff is constantly bring out different platters of various shrimp and the pace fast and the orders are constant but they do it and make it look easy. I can say that this is service that has truly made them popular.

Evaluating Red Lobster as a customer and from a personal stand point I would have to say that each time I have visited the service has always been exceptional. The place has always been packed people tend to linger because the atmosphere is so pleasant. The good thing about Red Lobster is that it is a place you can go to for lunch and for a casual not out with your friends for dinner.

In conclusion I found this assignment interesting because I don't usually think about restaurants in this way evaluating one made me think of all the things that I like and dislike about dinning out. I eat here because I know what to expect Who says fine dining has to cost you an arm and a leg.



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