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What Is Quality Service?

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What is service?

Nowadays people live in a service-dominated economy. Service are acts , performances, behavior, it achieved through time ,emotion and motion. Service are benefits offered to customers.

What is quality service?

Quality service can meet or exceed external and internal customer needs, wants and expectations consistently. Satisfy various needs of individual customers. Quality service can satisfy the needs of customers even it is extend beyond the capabilities of a hotel can offering. Also, employees should go beyond departmental boundaries to assist the customers, not only assist a customer on the own position. Moreover, every department must be coordinated, to achieve quality service.

The importance of quality service:

1) Quality service can bring repeat guest

In hotel industry, the ultimate end result for the customer is a service. Customer experience is important in Hotel industry. If a hotel can provide quality service, it can meet or exceed a customer expectation, it can gave a good experience to customer. When the quality service can satisfy a customer, those satisfied customers maybe become a loyalty guests. For example a italian restaurant can provide some high quality italian food, also all the serves of the restaurant are very kind and professional, customer will would like to come back again and again. Quality service can affects profits by attracting repeat customers.

2) Quality service can bring positive word of mouth

When a customer pleased by the quality service, loyal customers may then direct recommend a hotel to their friends and family .This help a hotel to get more new customers. When those new customer feel satisfy of the service, then they may become a loyal guests and make positive word of mouth, to attract another new customers. Therefore positive word of mouth will help you gain additional customers and retain them for a very long time.

3) Quality service can reduce the cost of quality

If a hotel can provide good quality service, it will be no cost of ensuring quality, if a hotel provide poor quality service, it will lead the cost of quality. For example if a in-house hotel guest order room service, but the quality is poor, all the food is stale, the guest may request to have another one, a chef need to prepare the food again and the room service staff need to deliver the food again. In this case, it not only lead food and money waste, but the time of the chef and room service staff. If there is not mistake of service, it does not need to cost anymore.



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