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Essay Preview: E-Business

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E business is a very common term in nowadays. It is a type of business which using information system and applications or web technologies to run business. The characteristic of e business is it allows the companies' link their internal and external progression into more efficiently and effectively. Other than that, it makes a company work closely together to better satisfy the needs and expectations. Thus, it gains a better performance in overall business.

E business involved buying or selling product or services through internet and technology.

E business can bring a lot of benefit to business.

E-commerce is an activity involved buying or selling product or services through internet and technology. Nowadays, the growths of information technology and telecommunications have lead to emergence of e-commerce. E-commerce has open up new opportunities and challenges to many business firms. The creation of internet has changed the traditional marketing structure and model. Internet not only performs as a communication medium, it is also used as a marketplace where firms can make money by selling goods or services to consumers without the hindrance of time and geographical constraints.

E-commerce gives a big impact on traditional business. Its creative technology not only improves the efficiency of the business processes, it brings impressive growth in trade and markets. Making business through internet is far greater than the growth in the usual market. Although economic slowdown and recession hitting in the UK, there were increase of over 25 percent of e-commerce sales from year 2007. There were also showed that an improvement of the rate of growth. Generally, e-commerce is rapidly becoming the key to the long term growth and sustainability of a business



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