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Education Case

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Since his inauguration was held in January of this year, President Barack Obama has tackled the deteriorating Social and Economical structure of the United States. With issues such as civil rights, defense, urban policies, taxes and other matters. I find it necessary to take a stand in eliminating a struggling economy; evident of the dollar's lowering value on the Global Market. As well as a failing educational system that cease to increase learning and teaching standards for pupils, and a proliferating poverty line. Making it obvious that one of the most developed Nations in the world is lacking a change. In view of the fact that a population like this is going under as time passes, due to various adversities, it is certain that a boon in fortifying our country's flaws is most needed; a thing as such conservatives endeavor were to initially avoid. Over the years, politicians like Bill Clinton and Theodor Roosevelt have tried to change a slightly functioning system, where both their efforts were proven futile when rejected by the public; in fear that things would only take a nose dive into catastrophe. To verify the belief that the public's choices are not always the best, Obama has taken it upon himself and his administration to rebuild a nation of lasting prosperity and longevity. A personal view of mine is that betterment in the United States Educational system will see a joining effect of producing more knowledgeable and intellectual beings in the future, to manage our Economical adversities, resulting in a greater outcome, thus reducing the condition of Poverty.


To begin with, education is the base of any country's global growth and recognition within a vast international circuit. With the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act firmly promoting a better education, states that it is ''heavily invested in education both as a way to provide jobs now and lay the foundation for long-term prosperity'' ( In layman's term, the legislation or proposed act is all about raising the bar on the quality of education America's children receive. By escalating teaching effectiveness within the classrooms and making such intensified learning opportunities achievable to anyone who wants to be better educated beyond the secondary educational level. In addition, education to everyone not only me, is a key element in promoting or improving technological advancement in our own society. Technology, another issue the President seeks to address is directly linked to an unlikely factor with a ''direct'' relationship- raise educational standards and technological gains will be greater due to higher thinking. With Obama tending the root of education, starting with educational improvements in Early Education or kindergarten, it instills a discipline for learning and achieving not as a mediocre student but above average. In doing so, I am positively certain that students, who have been well educated coming up from Pre-K to college, will be intensely motivated scholars, whose reverence for learning is profound. It can be surmised that the poor educational system prevalent throughout the U.S. is without a doubt failing our students and country on a hold; thus leaving the responsibility on the shoulders of each student to reach his or her maximum potential, resulting in optimum achievement. When Obama brought clarity to the public affairs he intended to address, it was apparent that education would be his top priority in finding a resolution to the economical burden the United States was under. This simply means that a better quality education to students will ensure our nations growth and continuity in global leadership years down the road.


Another issue that is greatly affecting majority of America's people is the current downtrodden Economy or economical



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