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Education Case

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Other people may argue that students could also get distracted in class, especially around other students. It is true that some students might be distracted in the class when they are staying with peers. For example, sometimes students are unable to listening to the teacher carefully. Sometimes they whisper to each other and have petty actions. However, they are still in the classroom. Teachers would not tolerate any behaviors that destroy classroom discipline. So teachers could take actions to keep order in classes. However, when students study alone at home and choose take online education, they are free to do whatever they want. Online learning is an unsupervised learning which requires much self-discipline. To many young people, lack of self-control would cause lower efficiency in their studies. I have to say that to those who can manage time well and have self-discipline, they can study well no matter choose online or traditional education. But to many young people, sitting in the classroom and take traditional form of education will be better.

Albert Einstein said that education is "what remains after one has forgotten everything that he learned in his school." History proves this to be true. The education is not merely about reading books, getting marks. It should be something that leads us to become a complete human being. Therefore, the essence of education is providing students the essential qualities they need in the society and their lives. Making students become fully developed is an important criterion for a valuable education. However, online education cannot make it. The goal of learning is not earning enough credits or saving money of the moment. Education is a lifetime progress. What a student really need is strong and sound knowledge. Although online education greatly increases the availability of learning opportunities, lack of instructional support, communication and lively campus environment make online learning not as valuable as the traditional form of classroom education. Therefore, those who choose to take online courses cannot guarantee the study quality and achieve the goal of education.

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