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Education Case

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Yahaira D. Marquez , author of the essay Opening Their Eyes to a New and Bigger World explains the challenges of her chosen early career , teaching. Teaching at just the early age of twenty three in an inner- city high school made the fears of teaching became a reality for Marquez. Despite these obstacles she stays determined to make a difference in the lives of her students.

The article Opening Their Eyes to a New and Bigger World resonated to me because Marquez is a very determined and hardworking lady. As a young child she was very motivated despite the many adversities that she faced. This article also resonated to me because Marquez was such a caring teacher. She not only was a teacher, she was a mentor. She became a positive role model for her students. Marquez, was also a huge influence on the Latin community. She wanted to help the inner- city students escape from being stuck and struggling. I also liked how she put her students before herself. I admire Marquez's positive attitude because she never worried about pay . Marquez knew that her job was to make an imprint on students lives. Marquez felt like she had the responsibility in making her students succeed. Marquez feels like teaching makes her a better person.

This article written by Yahaira D. Marquez realates to my personal experience because I was a student that lived in an inner city area. Attending a inner city middle school was definitely more challenging because I did not have teachers who were encouraging, inspiring, or wanted the best for me. While, in class I felt like I was just there. It was an invisible feeling. The environment of attending a inner city school was not safe. Some days there were not enough books for every student to have their own. A lot of the time there was two or more students sharing one textbook. Attending an inner city school , I was constantly worried about future. I often thought if I would make it to high school. Despite my adversities I also strived to achieve good grades like Marquez.

I wish to become the kind of teacher Marquez is to her students. Marquez is very personable and wants to give back to her community. This article inspired me to really take my education serious because knowledge is power. It also inspired me because she is only twenty three years old and has such a strong determination to succeed . Reading this article I imagined myself. I imagined that I can be that young teacher that changes the lives of many students. When I start my teaching career , I will look back at this and thank Marquez. She truly motivated me to be the best person that I can be.



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