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Education Case

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The number one issue facing Nevada's youth is the poor quality of students. A lot of students are unmotivated in school. This not only wastes time and money but it is a grim peer into the future of Nevada. The youth of today will become the leaders of America. With the widespread lack of desire to do well in their education I don't look forward to the future. Something has to change now. It is vital that we initiate a legislation that will hold parents accountable for their children's performance in school.

The reality is that motivation is intrinsic. By the time a student reaches high school their will and desire to learn is set. That being said, it is important that we strive to make students grade oriented starting their first day of pre-k. My bill will make it mandatory for parents to be active in their child's education while at the same time improving the class room environment. Parents need to be better informed of ways to motivate their child such as praising good behavior and grades in school. Parent-student conferences should be scheduled at the least once a month. This way parents will be able to communicate with the teacher on important issues. These issues can vary from student attendance, ability to concentrate, and performance in tests. Establishing frequent parent-teacher conferences will affect the student positively by forcing parental involvement; therefore, parents can support their children effectively at home.



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