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Education Case

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education to me is very important if you dont have an education now days you can not get very far. education in everyday once in a a while you can find a good payong job without a degree and make a excelent living but on the other hand its very hard to achieve. education can ne a person past present and future it is what makes a person an individual. education is so important because, it has such a large influence on everything a person does and can do education has let me see that i can better my self as a person with it, not just academically but also emotionally and mentally. it helps me to understand mare than just imformation; education let me understant myself better. just like writting a paper like this one right now you know what i saying matatan... lol enyways you have to study if you eants to get far it in your life bruh! study man so you would have a better future ti give to your future family and to your parents too.. because, your parents were the key that helps you to discobre the education world... so work hard play hard if you want to be someone in life.. also never listen to those that said that education doesnt do nothing in your life, because you know that is wrong bruh! edication is the most important and let you with a good paying job... so dont listen to does ignorent people always look far it in life and you would see what is good.



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