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Education Case

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Up to now, the issue of whether family education is more important than school education in personality development has aroused wide concern in the public. Those people who are in favour of family education is more important school education in personality development. On the contrary, others argue that school education is more important in personality development. Even though some people hold the opinion that family education is more important. I take an opposite attitude. The reasons are chiefly as follows.

The primary reason that can account for my point is that parents usually are not professionals and not well-educated. As a matter of fact, many children are spoilt by their parents. So, not every parents can be role model for their children. In this case, teachers are professionally trained to teach and be role models. The reason for this is that have the professional knowledge and skills to teach the students in school.

Likewise, it is equally important to take a glance at the fact that most parents are working full time and therefore they do not have enough time for their children at home. It seems that parents can not focus on their children. In fact, it should be noted that school is the place where a child is taught to control and manage their emotions. It is self-evident that school is like a mini-society. In this case, school has a function that it can help the students to improve and development their personality very much.

When turning our attention to another cause, we can clearly notice that personality is shaped by interacting with people other than one's family members, Peers and teachers are the typical examples. In school, children must need to communicate with the others. If not, it seems that those students can not study very well. It is no doubt that human are the "animals of group". Communication is necessary for us. In this case, school education can provide a good environment to children to development their personality. Also, Social interaction is also very important in ensuring a good EQ and good social skills.

Considering the above discussion and analysis, we can reach the conclusion that school education is more important than family education in personality development.



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