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Elements of Music Essay

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All elements of music are very important, but the one that outshines from among the four elements presented, in my opinion would have to be the rhythm. From the four elements of music rhythms is the one, which I can understand the most as well as enjoy. In music rhythm is what captures the listeners. Nonetheless, rhythm is also the most important element out of the other three. Excluding it would make music boring. Music may be played without harmony and even it may not have a defined melody but without rhythm music cannot be played. Rhythm is defined as the flow of sound in trough time. I believe this definition makes it ease to understand what rhythm is. Singing, humming, striking an instrument or simply clapping your hands, can create rhythm. So as you can see, since it is easy to produce, understand, and is highly important to music that is why I choose rhythm from among the other elements.

In the opera by Puccini, Tosca, we encounter four main. Cesare Angeloti, Mario Cavaradossi, Floria Tosca, and Baron Scarpia make up the opera. The opera is made up of three acts where the main characters interact to produce what is considered a masterpiece opera and Puccini's greater work. It is intended to reflect the situation of Rome in the times of napoleon. The opera inaugurates introducing one of the main characters, Cesare Angeloti. Angeloti is the bass man of the opera. He is a republican ideologist who at the start of the opera is an escaped political prisoner. The opera presents next Mario Cavaradossi (tenor), and with it introduces the setting where the first act takes place the church of Sant'Andrea della Valle. Mario is painter who finds Angeloti and tries to hide him from his political oppressors. Floria Tosca is a signer and Cavaradossi's lover. Lastly we encounter Baron Scarpia, he represents the police chief of Rome and is in pursuit of Angeloti.



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