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Elias Group Essay

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In the past weeks the Learning Team C recently evaluated the website Elias Group. This evaluation was conducted on whether the site had enough credentials to be an effective website. Some of the criteria we were looking for is if the site had usability, what was the targeted audience, how precise the visual quality of the site and images were, if the information posted was up to date, etc. Keep in mind that everything we were looking at, the site either did not have it or was not applicable and the rest was based on our opinions and ideas. We believe that this site had different aspects of making the site function well, and we will address them accordingly. We started at what was first at glance, the home page. The home page has a basic outlook, the structures are set correctly and the form is on point. The information provided in the home page is informative but not detailed; the different tabs on the page support the ideas behind the page. The tabs work properly and they navigate you to the page it’s labeled with. As you click to the Accounting and Finance page, to the right side of the page you can see a picture of the Director in charge. In this page as you can see it has a detailed list of what this firm offers. Under each subject it provides detailed information of what the subject consists of. As per the information provided on all pages, it may not be up to date since the page cites copyright of 2004, and later updated by the site in 2011. There was no sign of reliability anywhere and on the pages provided. If you would click on the last tab, Human Resources, to the right side you may see a picture of the Director of Administration. This page provides tab with subtopics that redirect you to HRIS, Administration Org. Chart, and Tech. Services Org. Chart. If you click the HRIS tab, it provides general information of the qualifications needed to be able to work for this company. Under the Admin. Org Chart tab, a flow chart of the chain of command of the Board of Trustees is displayed. The final tab Tech. Services Org. Chart displays a simple flow chart of the technical support members in charge. Since this was our first time viewing this website we felt that the site was not welcoming. It did not make the viewer feel interested in looking through the pages. Despite the plainness of the site, it was clear that it did show to target small business owners or companies who need the governments help to deliver goods and other services. Some of the things that we suggested is that they should add more color in the background to show pizzazz, maybe displaying more pictures that are linked to each page to attract the viewers. I strongly believe that the first thing the viewer notices on a page are the pictures, but that’s my personal opinion. The evaluation for this particular site was to determine what outcome came to mind in regards to how the site would look to us. Our opinions may have been different, and our judgment was not



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