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Group Essay

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Type: Group Essay

Topic: In your chosen groups of between 3-4members, outline and discuss how you can use the internet and other technologies to acquire and manage knowledge in one of the following sectors below:-

Social Enterprise;

ebusiness in the service sector;

Hotel and Tourism Industry;

Leisure Industry;

Small Goods Industry and

Textile Industry.

And this should be in relationship to entrepreneurship (You must choose any one topic mentioned above)

Links: This assignment has links to the all lectures. You should also draw on the issues you know about the internet and other technologies to acquire and manage knowledge in developing any of these businesses. You may want to select an existing or a new organisation in the one of the sectors above to outline your answer.

Date due: 25th March 2012.


- All work must be word processed

- Use an appropriate font such as Ariel, minimum font size 12

- Minimum left and right margins of 2.5 cm 91 inch)

- Line spacing 1.5 or double spaced

- Number the pages

- All sources of information, whether quoted directly or indirectly, must be cited

- References must be in the correct format, i.e. standard Harvard style.

- Pages must be numbered.

Word limit: 2500 (excluding references)

This is worth 30%



-Take a country of your choice and provide context and essential background information for investigation HRM and its practice in the country (500 word)

2)Internal context-

-Identify and describe the internal context and factors that are important to the country.

- explain how the internal context influences the way in which HRM is practised in the country. (1000 words)

3)External context

-some indication of the way in which the external factors will play a part in influencing the way in which HRM will be conducted in that country (for the most part



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