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Essay on Hummingbirds

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Hummingbirds are beautiful animals. Although they are unable to smell. They have better hearing than humans do. Hummingbirds are the tinniest birds of the world. Hummingbirds are classified in the kingdom by the name of animalia.the animalia kingdom consists of various groups of animals including mammals, amphibians, reptiles, insects, fish and last but not least birds. The animals that I just listed are part of the animalia kingdom because they are animals that consume either plants or animals. Obviously with hummingbirds being such small creatures they belong to the apodiformes order. The word apodiformes is a Greek word that when translated into English means without feet. Animals that are apodiformes have long wings, they are small and also have skin covered feet. The apodiformes order is not just made up of just hummingbirds; it is also made up of a specie of birds called swifts. Although swifts do not look just like hummingbirds they do have something's in common like for example that they both have diminutive feet.

Hummingbirds are classified within the chordata phylum. Animals like the hummingbird that fall into the chordata category are all vertebrates or invertebrates that have segmented bodies, also a ventral heart and a digestive system.

The apodiformes order is only made up of three animals hummingbirds, swifts and tree swifts, which look very similar to the hummingbirds. Each of those animals have there own special name for example the hummingbirds falls under the category of trochilidae, the swifts are apodidae and the tree swifts are know as hemiprocnidae. But although it is only made up of three animals the apodiformes have nearly 450 species identified up to date of different types of hummingbirds, tree swifts and swifts.apodiformes are the most diverse order of birds. Examples of trochilidae organisms are the blue-tail emerald, rufous hummingbirds and Anna's hummingbirds. The apodidae's have a large selection of organisms like the chestnut collared swift, waterfall swift, pallid swift and common swift to name a few. Now as for the hemiprocnidae my favorite they have the beautiful tree swifts, which are all Asian along with the whiskered tree swift, which is a forest specie that can be found in dead trees. Last but not least the gray-rumped tree swift, which can be found roaming the Malay Peninsula



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