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Ethics Case

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Essay Preview: Ethics Case

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According to "" (2011) decision-making is defined as the thought process of selecting a logical choice from the available options. There are many steps to consider when make an important decision about anything in business or even in one's personal life. Decisions in someone's personal life could include things like buying a home, going back to school, switching jobs or even relocating. This paper will focus on the decision-making process of deciding on enrolling in school.

After a layoff one is faced with reentering the job market. Being I had already obtained a degree as a legal secretary I was looking for that type of work and found it was hard to find. I was interested in business accounting as I have done it in my past and always wanted to do more of it. While applying for some small accounting they companies wanted me to have a degree and I have always wanted to go back and get my degree, but the time was never right. As a mother of two children and a wife I had to make a decision on what to do next, and this started my decision-making process. In making this decision I went through the similar steps as stated in Bateman and Snell (2011), identify and diagnose the problem, generate alternative solutions, evaluate alternatives, make the choice, implement the decision, and evaluate the decision (Chapter 3).

The problem was that I didn't have a degree or more training in the field so I wasn't able to get the jobs that I wanted. I had to work to contribute to my family so I wasn't sure that I could go to a campus or if I should do the schooling online. Doing schooling online is more expensive, but more convenient and going to a campus is cheaper, but would interfere with me working around my children's schedule.

So after evaluating and making a list of pros and cons for each option I made my choice and called the University of Phoenix. After speaking with them I left sure that this was my best option and would work best for myself and my family. So I started the processes of enrolling in the my bachelor's in Business/Accounting. Even though I am only on my fourth class it as proven to be the best choice for me and I am doing very well in the classes, which I think I would have been able to do if I had gone to another school. I believe this is a very good decision for a working parent.

The steps taken in making the decision on whether to go to school at a campus or online where very similar to the decision-making steps referred to in Bateman and Snell (2011). Going to school online helps the working parent still be able to work and support his or her family. Enrolling in school online also allows working parents or individuals with other life responsibilities the ability to work ahead and complete assignments ahead of the due dates, so they can attend to other life responsibilities (E College Finder, 2003-2011).



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