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Geb 3434 - Ethics Case

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Essay Preview: Geb 3434 - Ethics Case

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Mayenda Gale

GEB 3434

Lesson 7

Case #14

I think she did it out of greed, and ego. I feel like she was so used to having things go her way and being such a perfectionist, that she didn't want to feel like she losing. I also believe she had probably done this before, and just not been caught before.

Considering she got half of the minimum of ten months, I do believe her sentence was light. She wanted a lighter sentence for giving hot chocolate to children and parents on her show? The judge gave in and gave her a lighter sentence because she had not been in trouble before, and letters of support. She got off lighter because of her celebrity status, I think.

Case #19

From my understanding, CEOs and CFOs, and the board have to sign off on things like this, as well as financial statements. I am quite sure that it was "noticed." There just were no SOX Act then. So, they could claim they were not aware, or did not see it. SOX made them accountable so that they could not "claim" lack of knowledge for whatever the reason.

Though, I was and am a fan of Steve Jobs, I do feel that he should have stepped down. At that time, it was not illegal, but it was definitely unethical. He did not set a good example as a leader.

Case #10

More companies should focus on sustainability because it is becoming a huge issue nowadays. If more companies tried to be "green," then the environment probably wouldn't be in the shape it is now.

All stakeholders should be involved. The company plants the seed to the stakeholders, and they can carry this on, and pass it along in other aspects of life. The board members, who are usually employed at other companies; the employees, who can be environmentally friendly at home; the manufacturers and distributors, who can use the same production tactics for other companies; and the customers who can decide to buy earth friendly products, as well as use the initiatives at home.

It is very commendable to have a popular product that is known for prestige, and to change it, risking a loss in sales and popularity. That shows that Herman Miller is serious, and will do what it takes to reach their goal. I applaud them.

Case #16

Merck essentially had the sales reps lie about the possible implications of taking the drug. They were not forthcoming with information when asked, which is the same thing as lying. They were putting people's health at risk in doing so.

Yes, there is no other reason to explain why a medication that had no more benefit than a regular Aspirin, but had quite



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