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Ethics Case

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Essay Preview: Ethics Case

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Having a good relationship between management and employees in a working environment is a very important concept in a successful organization. To have the utmost trust and respect between managers and employees will prevent the big brick wall to be built between management level and blue collar workers. This trust is a necessity for a positive morale, integrity, honesty among all employees in an organization

Define unions and labor relations and their effect on organizations

A Union is an organization which represents all members, such that these members can fairly receive benefits and any other interests. They are there to resolve any conflicting issues between employees and managers. Unions are felt necessary in some states because of the inevitable conflicts between employees and their managers. Some of these conflicts may include, decreasing an employees' benefits and or wages in order to increase a manager's salary, changing an existing policy which may seem favorable to the managers and not the employees.

Some states are a "right to work" state which means that, an employee has a choice to join an organizations' Union organization, or they can opt to not be a member of the Union. All members of a union organization is required to pay a union fee, which may be automatically deducted from an employees' paycheck.

Examine the effect of changes in employee relations strategies, policies, and practices on organizational performance

Although change is uncomfortable to most people, it is a necessity in order to steadily stay in pace with the competition. If changes are properly executed by HR and management, the results may include, quality of work improved, cost and productivity, job security, turnover decreased, improved morale of the work force. Seeing an improvement in all of these areas will generally affect the morale of the employees, because with a decrease in cost in general, an honest organization should be able to increase the profit sharing for the employees.

A successful manager will always have a positive morale of their staff and employees. They will realize that their most valuable resource is their employees and should try to keep that positive morale at all times. A team with a good strong morale and work ethic will always strive to perform at their best capability at all times.

Another concept in keeping a good morale is, if employees feel that they are being treated fairly, the need for a union organization within their company is not a necessity. Having to pay for an outside organization just to resolve internal issues should not cross an employees' mind at any time. If a manager walks the production floor, the employees should greet them and not scatter away from them.

Are unions



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