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Expository Essay on Forgiveness

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Essay Preview: Expository Essay on Forgiveness

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Forgiveness is the performance of letting go of something that hurt you, or bad feelings toward a person because of something they did to you. It is an significant human asset in a lot of different ways. Forgiveness happens all around us all day, even if we don’t realize it. When we say something rude or unkind to someone if we don’t regret it instantly be will most likely regret it later; especially if they don’t forgive us. It is one way for us to take back words we have said in the past, forgiving other people for wronging us is important, but it is also very important to forgive ourselves when we are wrong. Forgiveness teaches us and everyone us very important life values and helps us build better stronger relationships.

There are a lot of important life lessons, but to me forgiveness is the biggest, hardest, most important to learn. If we didn’t have forgiveness learning about the world and being with other people would be extremely hard. Imagine a world without forgiveness, everyone would be in a consent misery and pain. We us humans would start filling with anger and regret, we wouldn’t be able to move on from our past. Without being able to forgive other and ourselves our bodies would start to crash beneath us, the same would happen to our live. It is like the same as a bruise, when you have bruise you needs to heal and be left alone but if you keep pushing on it it’s just going to get worse. If we do not forgive ourselves or other people we will only get worse and more miserable, we will keep filling up with despair and regret.

Being able to forgive yourself is just as or maybe even more important than forgiving other people. No matter how many other people forgive you and no matter how many people you forgive, if you don’t forgive yourself is it even really worth it? A lot of people in this world suffer from not being able to forgive themselves, in doing so it could lead to depression. For example, maybe you said something really mean to someone and hurt their feelings really bad. You could stay at home hiding in your room feeling bad yourself and moping in self-pity; or you could forgive hope the other person does as well and move on with life, letting go of the past and forgetting the pain that happened. People who think that they have perfected self-forgiveness will learn that there are probably somethings that they won’t be able to forgive themselves for, and they will end up hurting and being angry. These are kinds of people should be examples for us to make sure that we don’t end up the same way.

Sometimes a conflict can’t also be solved by forgiveness and an apology. We, as humans, say things and do things we shouldn’t have done when we are upset or mad. When we are in a fight or argument we will say things without even thinking about it. Without forgiveness, we would lose friends and loved ones, because no matter what we say or do after a fight they wouldn’t be able



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