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Facebook Essay

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  1. In reference to the table 3.2 five common challenges of creating a mobile web presence of your textbook, enlist all the platforms that Facebook has created presence. The professor is expecting to read text and to see images of the Facebook presence in different platforms.

Please chose two different platforms, and make a relationship with the challenges listed in table 3.2. The extension suggested is no more than two pages. (45 points)

Facebook has created presence in many platforms due to its mission from the beginning of “make the world more open and connected”, connected in this case is the key point of the success of this social network. To be connected now day one to each other around the world has become very important and not only between people but also between people, organizations, and business and so on. Due to the goal of Facebook to maintain people, organization, business and everything connected, it has had to be improving and innovating its platforms and forms to get to people. Now days mobile phone has become  a very important way to communication and stay connected because of the tendency use of smart phones, that is why Facebook developed not only platforms of access to its page only through a computer website, mobile sites but also create an special application for smartphones and feature phone products.

After analyzing the Facebook platforms exhaustively we can say that Facebook in the case of “One site or two” didn’t create two platforms even though people, company and organization  have different necessities, but in order to achieve more efficacy for the users, they create a mobile app for the Facebook main page and a Facebook messenger app to improve the communication between users and avoid jam in the Facebook main page they give the user a add value, by providing them an instant messaging application for their mobile without the use of a telephone number.

In the case of the UX,even though in the website the content is seen horizontal for mobile application Facebook modify it and make it not only vertical to fit in the small screen but also simplify the navigation making it easy to enter links by clicking on the photo, etc. The focus of Facebook on the adoption of a vertical position view for the user was made it to be friendlier for mobile devices and for commodity of point of view of the user.

Talking about the promotion case Facebook use a very effective and efficient search find space where the user can type a word of the search word and automatically Facebook will display result of the searched word, show you close results and that’s why you can find most of the companies and friends very easily and quickly without getting desperate of frustrated.

In the case of personalization, Facebook has developed special features in their applications depending in the part of the world, Facebook has adapted its application in many languages so all the people around the world could easily understand and access the application, you can choose from a variety of languages.

And finally but not least in the case of the right content, Facebook has adapt and achieved a very friendly way by the give of” likes” by the users in pages and the add of people, they will watch activities and news of this in their main page. In other words by this tools mentioned (likes and add of people) users can access to the right content, content they are interested in and would like to have a feed.



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