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Game Research Paper

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Game Research Paper

Hi my name is Babila Dinga and I did research on the career of video game designing. I researched this because that's what I want to do for a career.

What attracted me to the career of game designing was I wanted to give others fun things to play, Use my creativity, and be able to test all the games in the world that I want. I want to be able to give others joy from what I do for a living. Also I want to make a lot of money for building games. Anyone can play a game, but can they make one is the question.

I chose Video game designing as a career choice for many reasons. One is I want to be able to let others enjoy my work not just myself. To let all the creativity I have put into something that many people all over the world use today for entertainment, and last, but not least I can have fun and play games while working at the same time. This is a career that in courage's you to think like a child and an adult all at ounce. These are my descriptors for my career choice as a video game designer.

The education for the career as a video game designer is not mandatory, but it you still need some type of experience to be a game designer. A good education for this career would to major in computer Science, or computer Programming. It would be good to have a bachelor's degree from one of the two. With this type of knowledge, and experience you will be able to have a great career in the field of video game designing.

The type of school needed to be a video game designer is a school for arts, or computer programming. You could ITT Technical Institute, or The art Institute. You could even attend Carnegie Mellon University, and any college with the classes needed to be a video game designer. A person going into designing should have four things: Creative writing, Passion for video games, Time, and last but not least, Patience. You will spend a lot of time in many classes perfecting your skills. Some Courses necessary for someone who wants to go into video game designing should take a creative writing class and even a script writing class. Those classes are needed because after the characters are created they need funny and creative things to say to keep the people playing the games interested. Also they should take those courses because after the characters are done they need to come up with a catchy plot that keep players interested at all times and makes them always want to come back for more. Another course that would be smart to take to be a video game designer is (CG) Computer-Generated graphics class. Now when ever someone plays a game the first thing they look at is the storyline, and the graphics. That course will teach someone step by step on how to create any type of setting, character, and items with the computer. This will help you get a job quick. Some other courses



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