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How to Read Research Paper

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1. Skimming

Skimming is the brief overview of the paper. While skimming we examine how many headings and subheadings it include. It’s not about understanding the paper but only the overview which makes the mind ready to start reading. Read the abstract and skim the paper quickly, noting basics like headings, figures, and tables. This takes just a few minutes. You're not trying to understand it yet; you just need to get an overview of what's ahead.

For this purpose 4 things should be read carefully


(Title, Heading, Figures. Title, Abstract, Introduction-C=5Cs (Category, Context, Concept, Contribution and Clarity)

From the title we have the main idea of paper, what terms are used & what are the central terms of paper. The angle of the title is from the abstract. The main concept can be understood from abstract. For concept we also refer to the introduction for clear understanding.

From skimming we also try to find out the 5Cs. Is the research quantitative or qualitative, what is the category of this paper, what is the context of paper as context is important for understanding the concepts? Find the contribution of the author towards the field. Look on the clarity of everything mentioned in the paper.

2. Vocabulary

Go through the paper word by word and line by line, underlining or highlighting every word and phrase you don't understand. Don't worry if there are a lot of underlining; you're still not trying to make sense of the article. Understand the words used in the paper by using the following technique.


(Variable, Methods, Analysis, Philosophies and Subject term= Dictionary)

Vocabulary revolves around VMAPS that is Variable, Methods, Analysis, Philosophies and Subject term for e.g. Uncertainty have different meaning in English and social sciences.

Throughout the paper you will see different variables name used or different philosophies mentioned which you don’t understand. Underline all new terms and find out the meanings.



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