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Resume Writing

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Essay Preview: Resume Writing

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There are three basic types of resume writing. The three methods are functional, chronological, and combination (also called combined). When choosing which resume format would be beneficial to you will depend on the level of your skills, accomplishments, experience, and education. The method to choose will depend on the type of employment you are seeking. The formation of the resume has its advantages and disadvantages; they are designed to highlight the strengths of the applicant in different ways. The review of a resume by an employer is quick, so it is important to choose the method that is design to make the resume stand out from the hundreds being looked at.

Chronological Resume

The basis of a chronological resume is to list your work history in reverse chronological order.

The advantage of using a chronological resume is to preview your career history and your progress very well. If this method is used correctly, it makes it easy for the employer to see the job titles, promotions, and employers quickly. A chronological resume format would be beneficial to hiring managers.

The disadvantage of this format is it has your work history front and center, so if for some reason your work history is not strong and there are gaps in your work history, this would not be a good method to use. Remember, the employer reviewing your resume is looking for the basic skills needed to perform the job being offered. You only have a few minutes to make a good impression, so unfortunately, there is no single place for your skills to stand out, so this would not be a good method to use.

Functional Resume

The basis of a functional resume is to have a detail list of your skills and accomplishments which are related to the type of job you are seeking. In a functional resume there is no work history listed and in some cases education is also omitted.

The advantage of a functional resume is for a person who does not have a consistent work history. A functional resume is design to hide weakness in work history. This would make a person who has had several short term jobs; look more like a qualified candidate with a good amount of work experience.

The disadvantage of a functional resume is most employers will not trust this format, because they are aware that this method is design to hide issues related to the work history of the applicant. Most functional resume are reviewed with a caution. Since employers do not trust a functional resume, this should be taken into strong consideration when deciding which format to use.

Combination Resume

A combination resume is simply a combination of both chronological and functional resume formats. It puts an emphasis on both a summary of your skills and work history.

The advantage of a combination resume is it makes it easier



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