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Hr Assignment

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HR assignment

1500 words

23rd November

Follow 6 points

The strategic concept of HR (imp)

"Training and development, linked to Performance Management are key areas within an HRM strategy and are fundamental for the success or failure of an organisation." Discuss.


* Armstrong M (1995) - A handbook for Personnel Management Practice, Kogan Page, Loncon

* Beaumont P B (1993) - Human Resource Management. Sage, London

* Goss D (1994) - Principles of HRM. Routledge

* Maybey C, Salaman G (1995) - Strategic HRM. Backwell Oxford

* Henry C, Pettigrew A

1) As an introduction - give explanation of strategic role of HR - i.e. all the functions of HR: training and development, recruitment... these have to be linked to the strategy of the company for them to be effective. Functions have to be planned strategically and linked to the business plan of the company. 2 or 3 par

Training and Development

* Effective training and development must be given a strategic platform. It is bound up rather than separate from other aspects of HR strategies like structure, culture, manpower planning, appraisal, recruitment and reward strategies.

2) Dev/TR/PM (performance management) must also be strategic within an HR strategy.

3) Explaining development (development of persons, it is different than training. Training is directly related to profit and you had to attend training. Development is a willing situation.) Soft part of HR. related to enhance the person and character.

Mention also learning organisations (companies that have development and training).


* Moving from HRM to HRD

* From Personnel Development to Personal Development

* From Developing Human Resources to Developing Resourceful Humans


* HRD therefore implies developing personalities rather than personnel i.e. the development of persons. E.g. social aspects, worker education.

* HRM Is considered as a 'hard' management style whilst HRD is considered as a 'soft' style.

* In HRD advancement means empowerment of all those composing the organisation i.e. employees are rendered useful (not used) to their personal growth.

The Ideal practical scenario

* Having a balanced mix of HRM and HRD development activities

e.g. (apart from formal training): project working, distance learning, worker education, coaching development career moves (often external).

* Such an organisation is today referred to as a Learning Organisation. (imp)

4) TR - training.

Talk about training cycle.


* The systematic modification of behaviour through learning which occurs as a result of education, instruction, development and planned experience.

* A planned and controlled learning experience designed to achieve endure change in work behaviour.

The training Cycle

-> Identify Learning Required (TNA) -training needs analysis -> set learning objectives (policy) -> determining training strategy -> designing & plan training



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