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Human Cloning Should Not Be Allowed Under Any Circumstances!

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Essay Preview: Human Cloning Should Not Be Allowed Under Any Circumstances!

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Although not everybody would agree, I want to argue that "Human Cloning" is wrong! The thought of someone playing god and creating life from human DNA outrages me. No Matter how many times scientists fail to create a fully generated human copy they still don't give up. The first human embryos were unsuccessful as the embryos cellular division stopped after only 6 cells had divided. In my opinion I don't see why "Human Cloning" is useful for us humans.

I am aware that many people will disagree with my point of view. They would argue that Human Cloning is a way forward in science and simple because we can do it. I argue against this because it is not the right thing to do by cloning someone. It may be a way forward in science but it is not the right way. I think that everyone has their own personality and appearance which makes them unique and different from everyone, therefore just because science gives humanity the ability to do something, does not mean that humankind should. The reason for doing any action must outweigh the reasons for not doing the action; therefore Cloning should not be because of Capability.

Many people will argue that "Human Cloning" is safe and not dangerous, but I however want to persuade you that "Human Cloning" is not safe; in fact it is not safe to clone any species as was proven through Dolly the Sheep. Dolly was a female sheep and the first mammal to be cloned from an adult somatic cell which is used to biologically form the body organism. Dolly was a grown using cells and then implanted into a fin Dorset female Sheep and was born on the 5th of July, 1996 and lived till she was six years old in 2003. The scientist that helped create Dolly argued that she had severe arthritis, but after a post - mortem examination it was revealed that Dolly suffered from Internal Lung Cancer. Dolly's breed, the Fin Dorset sheep, has a life expectancy of eleven to twelve years, so many speculate that she also died of a genetically age life expectancy of six years which means that Dolly's was only meant to live till she was six. So what would happen if humans were cloned? The biggest worry that many people have in today's society is that if scientists are able to clone humans, the cloned human could have many problems and suffer a short life, but even more people argue that it would have an effect on the man and women offering their cells to be cloned.

One of the stranger reasons that I want to bring forward is the idea of body replacements which in my opinion is bizarre. In recent years there have been many cases of scientists trying to grow a body for someone who has recently been deceased, meaning the transplantation of the brain from the deceased body into the cloned body. It is now thought of only as science fiction, yet it may someday be a possibility in the distant future. While it will always be unethical to kill another human to save another



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