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Human Cloning

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Since Dolly the sheep was cloned, people have predicted cloning is not far away in the future. Human cloning is not safe.

To clone a human, the following must occur: a human must donate and egg. The nucleus is removed from the person to be cloned. The cell and egg with the nucleus removed is fused with electricity. Then the egg is joined with the cell, forming an embryo. The embryo is then inserted into the surrogate mother. Because of this, there are many things that could go wrong. An example is when the embryo is formed. The embryo could have birth defects or other types of damage once it is a baby. (

There is a majority of people that are against human cloning; while others are pro-cloning. "Most people believe human cloning is unethical, and morally wrong. Some people support human cloning because the clone could provide 'spare parts' to others and for infertile couples to have a child." (

Reasons not to clone are that the clone could have an early death, and have an insecure role in society. According to, quote,"In other fields of learning, such as sociology, history, medicine, genetics, and philosophy, the issues concerning human cloning and its implications on human behavior have been a focus of study. Many scholars in these fields have pointed out the need for debate and discussed a variety of concerns relating to various aspects of human cloning that include psychological aspects and the perceptions and attitudes of the public.", (Morales) states that a clone could have mental problems. Therefore, a human clone could have an insecure role in society. The process of human cloning could cause damage emotionally to the clone.

Reasons to clone are that human cloning can provide people to figure out a way to prevent diseases. " In the area of disease treatment, studies have shown (human) cloning to be a potential treatment method for diseases such as Parkinson's or Alzheimer's. ( Also, human cloning can help people figure out a way to have healthier humans in the future. "Cloning (a human) can eliminate all the worry regarding the (cloned) child's health. Scientists can alter the genes to ensure a healthy child." ( According to, the average person has 8 defective genes. When cloning a human, these defective genes can be fixed since the clone is planned out ahead of time. Another reason to clone is because it may be possible to clone a loved one who died. Dr. Panayiotis Zavos attempted this before, but was unsuccessful. In 2002, a young girl named Cady died in a car crash in the U.S. Her parents wanted to extract a clone from her, if possible. As from an article from "The Independent" by Steve Connor, states: "Her blood cells were frozen and sent to Dr. Zavos, who fused them with cow eggs



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