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Human Cloning

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The topic of human cloning is very controversial, with many opposing viewpoints. Is human cloning immoral and unethical? I think so. Scientists are not even sure of the results of cloning or if it will even produce what is expected. Legalizing human cloning would take away individuality and could have many health risks.

Science and technology are unable to solve everything. If human cloning is permitted, there is no guarantee that all the results will be controllable. Human cloning can possibly damage the future of human kind. During the process of cloning, many embryos are killed and scientists are not certain that the surviving embryos will develop normally. In human cloning all human beings would be identical, which means everyone would be at a high risk of getting infected by diseases.

Humans contain many different types of genes. These genes come from parents who each have different sets of genes. Having a diversity of genes allows humans to adapt better in their environment and be more immune to diseases. Genes are what make each human an individual. If humans were all alike, no one would be able to express themselves. Along with a diversity of genes comes immunity; human cloning would take away this characteristic.

Human cloning can produce many health risks. Cloning carries a high risk of producing abnormal babies. The genetic material could possibly keep aging while the baby is in the womb and cause premature death. In some cases, it could take years to see that a clone had abnormalities. Cloning humans has many bad effects and can ruin the lives of some people.

If cloning is permitted, there is a risk of producing uncontrollable results. In the process of cloning a human diversity of genes is lost, producing individuals who are the same with no unique characteristics. Cloning also has a possibility of many health risks leading to abnormalities in humans. In conclusion, all humans are unique and should be able to keep their uniqueness without the interference of technology.



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