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Importance of Technology

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The Importance of Technology

Over the last decade, technologies has improved a tremendous amount towards sustaining and maintaining our internal organs. With these sophisticated technologies the average life expectancy has increased dramatically due to increasing scientific knowledge. Such new technologies like electronic imaging, monitoring and organ transplants have all made that possible.

New technologies are being made every day that are going to help with the health of our internal organs. This technology is being placed in hospitals all around the world so that our physical health can be sustained when needed. The technology consists of things like electronic imaging that can take photos or images of internal organs and bones, from there it can then be looked at by a doctor who will determine if something is wrong. This is also improving scientific knowledge because in the images scientists are able to study new things that they wouldn't be able to see from out side of the body which would increase their knowledge and understanding of some things. Other technologies are also available like organ transplants that can consist of things like pacemakers that are meant to control the beats of your heart so that it does not beat on an irregular level, other types of transplants can consist of some things like kidney transplants, where a persons kidney would fail and leave them to die, but it can be cured by having a kidney transplant. In fact there can be many different types of internal organ transplants. So as these two different types of technologies are used every day many lives are being saved by combining these two technologies so that they both work together. If there wasn't medical images, and monitoring there wouldn't be transplants. And if there wasn't scientific knowledge these operations would not be successful. But its because of the scientific knowledge and the technologies that are able to maintain and sustain the health of humans.

This technology has several different purposes in our society. The medical imaging can vary from taking images of things like bones, where organs are not seen. Other things can be an ultra sound where you can take images of baby's in the mother or images internal organs. But the only access to these types of machines are hospitals. At the hospital a doctor will be able to determine a problem, if there is one by taking such images. Doctors are able to determine such the problem by post experience and prior knowledge to the situation. So the main focus of medical imaging that has been created is to use it for taking photos of the inside of the body. With having the photos problems can be determined if it was not possible any other way. Monitoring also comes in pretty useful where



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