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Incusivity Essay : Rh

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Jesus talked about inclusivity by using the image of a banquet, with maids, servants, peasants, higher ranks etc. He used a banquet as an example because that was an ideal get together around his time. But in our time, which is now more developed, Jesus might use the image of a high school cafeteria as an image of inclusivity or separation between ranks. People in the same grade tend to sit with each other. So the cafeteriaryanhack_ at hotmail commay be separated into sections according to where students sit. In our society, it is believed that the students that are in the older grades have more power or are higher in the social chain, with Grade 12's at the top, and Grade 9's at the bottom (excluding the faculty.)

We separate and rank society by how much power or money they have. For example, in school it is believed that the Grade 12 have more power than the 11's, 10's etc, and the environment in the work place where the boss is more powerful than the workers. When those within the lower ranks become angry with those who are above them, they might want to retaliate because they've been disrespected by those who've obtained too much greed. This is called mutiny, which is also known as a rebellion. People might want to rebel because they probably weren't treated right or fairly. If a student in the ninth grade was bullied by someone in an older grade, which happens often, he or she might want to fight back because they are tired of being pushed around. Separating and Inclusivity are two topics that can lead to any type or form of violence. That is why I believe that we shouldn't be separated. Every grade should have the same equality, because the teachers, principals, and board members are those who truly have power in the schools.




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