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Interpersonal Conflict

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Essay Preview: Interpersonal Conflict

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Interpersonal Conflict "Hitch"

Nicole Woods

COM200 Interpersonal Communication

Instructor Linda Atkinson

April 23, 2012

The movie "Hitch" is what I chose to watch. I always enjoy watching this movie. The conflict that stood out the most in this movie was between Hitch the love doctor and Sarah the reporter. Hitch and Sarah began dating but for all the wrong reasons. This to me is a very good example of how miscommunication in relationships can lead to so many other problems.

The breakdown between the two began from the start of the relationship as Hitch and Sarah were untruthful to each other about who they really were. Hitch which is the date doctor that helps men meet the women that they have yearned for. So, this is where the real conflict comes into play as Sarah blames Hitch for setting up her friend with a guy that she felt was no good in her opinion, which Hitch did not. Instead of finding out the facts, Sarah decides to deceive Hitch by pretending to like him as she really sets out to destroy Hitch his reputation and his career. She felt if she dated him that she would find out the truth about him. At the same time Sarah is being disclosed about who she really is.

As we have learned in our course, self- disclosure is a very vital component when it comes to developing a relationship. I felt both were being very disclosed about who they really were which brought about a lot of the interpersonal conflict Also Sarah formed a stereotype about Hitch based on an opinion that she had established rather than gathering facts. Stereotypes are perceived opinions about someone that is formed on what others have said, images depicted by others, or mistaken beliefs, (Sole, 2011).

The conflict could have been handled differently and much more effectively. The two characters handled the conflict poorly in my opinion because there was a lack of communication and truth from the beginning of the relationship. The two chose to stay self-disclosed and not to share their personal lives. The characters should have been upfront and open about who they were and what their occupations were as well. I felt that they could have met on several occasions to get to know each other before jumping head on with their conflicts. They could have met cordially and discussed the conflict to see where the problem began. Sarah could have been open with Hitch about the issue that she felt she was dealing with concerning him and her friend. She could have addressed him cooperatively and waited for a reply and allowed him explain himself, rather than trying to destroy him based on assumptions. She also could have chosen her words more carefully and maybe had spoken with a calm tone of



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