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Interpersonal Conflict

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Interpersonal conflict

An interpersonal conflict is a disagreement between two or more individuals involving resentment. It can rise due to various issues such as different beliefs and values or conflicting interests and needs. For example, in a win or lose situation, two people aiming different interests will be either winner or loser, therefore conflict happens.

This type of conflict can be manifested in different ways. Generally, people involved may fight verbally or physically as the conflict develops. In addition, there are mainly three typical responses of interpersonal conflict which are psychological, behavioural and physiological. Psychological response refers to the emotion that is stimulated by the conflict. Behavioural response can be the effect that the conflict has done to the person himself, such as anxiety and mental instability. Physiological response is the most radical response such as verbal dispute or a physical fight.

The resolution of interpersonal conflict is also varied as it is subjective to the relationship of the individuals, and factors such as age, maturity, experiences and values. Communication and compassion allow for individuals to resolve their differences. Negotiation and compromise is to be made if one side tries to make a clear end. As time goes by, the conflict may be internalized by the individuals as they have used to it. Moreover, the resolution does not necessarily make the individuals better off. For example, if compromise is to be made reluctantly for an argument, it can lead to another inner conflict.

Lastly, the conflict leads to different consequence which can be either positive or negative. Conflict is inevitable in any aspects of life. Experiencing a conflict gives the person certain knowledge of recognizing and resolving same kind of conflicts. Also, it can strengthen the relationship through greater understanding of another person. However, there are certain negative effects. For example, conflict requires time and resources to be resolved. The mental problem it brings to the people can also lead to a decrease in performance and productivity.



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