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Iot Based Accident Cover for School Children

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Essay Preview: Iot Based Accident Cover for School Children

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IOT based Accident Cover for School Children

Parents in fear

Parents continuously live in a constant fear till the time their wards reach back home from the school. While schools are safe havens, the daily commutation to and from the school is a cause of concern for most parents. The biggest factor leading to that anxiety is that the roads are not safe.


In the case of an accident, the driver is responsible for 70% of the time. There are many reasons for which a driver could be held responsible. They are Over speeding/overtaking, alcohol/ drugs influence, and driving distractions.

Among these distractions, the usage of the mobile phones remains a major problem.

The worst part is while technology can help in minimizing most of the distractions behind those accidents and prevent rash drivers from crashing along with innocent children, it’s the school administrations who shy away from bringing the latest technology into their school bus fleet.

Most of the school bus fleets are have nothing more than an inconsistent GPS tracking device over a poor internet connection.

As per a report by World Health Organization (WHO), people between the age of 14-28 are more likely to die because of a road accident or suicide than from a disease, condition, or an infection.

Thus, it has become imperative to deal with these new distractions of modern society and keep our school-going children safe on the road.

Over quite a long period of time, the biggest question arising in the mind of parents is whether the traditional fleet tracking systems are actually effective?

Old-school fleet tracking systems

Fleet tracking systems have been introduced for quite some time now. When installed on school buses, with the help of GPS tracking solution and GSM, the fleet admin can receive a report on the real-time location of the school buses.

The addition of IoT devices to school buses will make them not only secure but also efficient in operation. Also, the cloud services will enable the latest mobility solutions, which allows the parents to track the school bus carrying their wards in real-time on their mobile phone or tablets with the help of an app.

The modern school bus tracking system

The solution combines GPS, GSM, and RFID technologies to track many things such as students’ attendance on the bus, drop and pick up times and locations, absence, and to alert the driver and the concerned parents at certain situations.

System Architecture

The device has necessary sensors to detect a rash driver–one who corners harshly, over speeds, takes sudden turns, overtakes other vehicles, etc.

If a driver has gone overboard and the admin believes some of his action might cause harm to the little children, he can immobilize the engine remotely and send a cop in the direction of the bus.

To make sure, a driver is undistracted while driving, the driver’s mobile phone enters lockdown mode as soon as the OBD detects motion.

Enabling mobility solutions

The school bus real-time tracking system can be accessed from not only a desktop web browser or the dashboard software but also a mobile device.

Through 4G using MQTT, the GPS chip inside the OBD device attached to each school bus, sends the information to a public cloud.

Any device that has access to that cloud can track the school bus location in real-time through various ways such as the dashboard placed at the school, iPhone of the parents, or the Android device of the principal or the tablet computer of the gatekeeper.



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