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Letter for Event Holder

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Essay Preview: Letter for Event Holder

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6.1 Sales Letter

Dear sir/madam

This is James Farrell Hotel. We get the information that “Our Environment- Fit for Purpose for the 21st Century?” will be hold. I think our hotel is a good choice for you to arrange your delegates. Please let me to introduce our hotel (James Farrell Hotel) which is located in Linlithgow. Linlithgow, a popular tourist destination with rich history. Our hotel is conveniently located in the center of Livingston, close to the train station and the M8 & M9 motorway. Our hotel just has a 20-minute drive from Edinburgh Airport and 30 minutes from Edinburgh city center.

Our hotel is a newly renovated hotel with new facilities including Wi-Fi, Bar, Restaurant offering different variety of food, golf course and theme room. Our hotel has 48 rooms, the accommodations is set on the second floor contain 48 guest rooms which including 8 single rooms(60£ per night), 10 double rooms(90£ per night) and 30 family rooms(130£ per night). Most of the guests are family tourists, so every room is considered for the family, the size and comfort of the house are all can achieve their require.
 James Farrell Hotel is a Scottish-style hotel with tartans style, each room has a different room style according to tartans. Guests can experience the real Scottish style in our hotel.

Our Hotel is a brand new three star hotel, but our service is more than five-star. We have the new management and training system ensures that every employee makes the guests feel at home. The quiet surroundings of our hotel ensure that every guest gets a good night's sleep. Our hotel is next to Linlithgow Palace and Linlithgow Loch, where guests can visit the Linlithgow Palace during leisure.

In conjunction with the theme of the conference “Our environment”, our hotel is showing a combination with the environment, surrounded by greenery, lakes and other natural environment, which is the most important reason to attract visitors living in James Farrell Hotel. Every guest will appreciate the natural surroundings of the hotel after checking out.
Linlithgow also represents the combination with city and nature, showing people have good relationship with nature and friendly.

Therefore, our hotel believes that the hotel's geographical environment and background can give this meeting help. Select James Farrell hotel must be the right choice.

Best wishes

James Farrell Hotel.



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